Proceeding in Russian Patent Office

If you represent a foreign legal entity, then according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, you should carry out the dealing with Russian Patent Office - Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) through a patent attorney of Russian Federation.

IP Law Firm "Patent Capital" in the person of patent attorney Fedor L. Koryakov, reg. No. 1812 is ready to act as your representative in Russian Patent Office for all procedures related to obtaining a state registration of your trade mark, its yearly maintenance, and registration of its possible transfer to another owner.

If you have an available trade mark application filed earlier in a country party of the Paris Convention, we are ready to:

  • file the application in Russian Patent Office with retaining the priority
  • make payment of all necessary fees
  • keep correspondence with Russian Patent Office in compliance with the deadlines, sending the received correspondence to the applicant (if desired)
  • prepare responses to the inquiries of Russian Patent Office with development of the concept of overcoming its objections (at the request of the applicant)
  • conduct verification of the decision of state registration of the trade mark, with further sending of the certificate to applicant
  • challenge doubtful decisions of Russian Patent Office concerning rejection of state registration of the trade mark or application withdrawal in the Chamber for Patent Disputes

However, you can contact us for preparing a response to the inquiry of Russian Patent Office or another incoming correspondence in regard of applications filed by yourself or through another representative.

TM Database Search and Opinion 

If you wish to assess the probability of state registration of the trade mark before filing application, we will conduct search on trade mark bases with providing an opinion on the matter.

Besides that we will provide you with an opinion of patent attorney concerning  the compliance of your trademark with the general rules required by the legislation of the Russian Federation for trademarks.

Transfer of Exclusive Right and Licensing

Since you have a trademark registration you probably may need to transfer to another person the exclusive right in full (alienation contract) or grant him the right of use within the limits established by the contract (license agreement).

The alienation of the exclusive right on the trademark, as well as the granting of the license on use of it is the subject to state registration. We are ready to ensure the state registration in the Russian Patent Office of the transfer of the exclusive right on the trademark in full or granting only the right of use of it.



We are ready to provide you with a quotation on above services under your request