Patents on inventions, utility models, industrial designs
Patents on inventions, utility models, industrial designs

Proceeding in Russian Patent Office 

If you represent a foreign legal entity, then according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, you should carry out the dealing with Russian Patent Office - Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) through a patent attorney of Russian Federation.

IP Law Firm "Patent Capital" in the person of patent attorney Fedor L. Koryakov, reg. No. 1812 is ready to act as your representative in Russian Patent Office for all procedures related to obtaining a patent for an invention, utility model, industrial design, its yearly maintenance, and registration of its possible transfer to another owner.

If you have an available patent application filed earlier in a country party of the Paris Convention or using the PCT system, then to obtain a patent of the Russian Federation, we are ready to:

  • provide translation of application materials from the applicant's language into Russian
  • check the materials of the application on compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and provide necessary adaptation executed by the patent attorney. If critical inconsistencies are identified, we will notify you immediately and propose appropriate solutions
  • file the application in Russian Patent Office with retaining the priority
  • make payment of all necessary fees
  • keep correspondence with Russian Patent Office in compliance with the deadlines, sending the received correspondence to the applicant (if desired)
  • prepare responses to the inquiries of Russian Patent Office with development of the concept of overcoming its objections (at the request of the applicant)
  • conduct verification of decision of granting a patent, with further sending the patent to applicant
  • challenge doubtful decisions of Russian Patent Office concerning rejection of granting a patent or an application withdrawal in the Chamber for Patent Disputes

At the same time, you can contact us for preparing a response to the inquiry of Russian Patent Office or another incoming correspondence in regard of applications filed by yourself or through another representative.

We are ready to provide you with a quotation on needed services under your request

If you wish to assess the probability of granting a patent before filing an application, we will conduct an information search with providing an opinion on patentability of your invention.

Patent Search

Patent Search is a critical stage in the process of patenting, because it allows to identify the known technical solutions, which are close to the technical solution of our client (hereinafter - the proposed technical solution) and which in the future may become an obstacle for the granting of the patent.

Being aware about the closest prior art, our client at an early stage has the possibility to reject the patenting of the proposed technical solution in the form originally conceived, saving time and money. On the other hand, the use of patent search results in the development of a patent application materials will allow us to maximize the scope of rights protected by the patent.

As a result of a patent search our client receives a list of relevant sources of information, including patent documents, as well as the written opinion of the patent attorney.

The cost of patent search is determined on the basis of a free consultation and depends on the field of the technical solution, its complexity and the number of sources of information to be analyzed. Approximately it is:

  • for technical solutions in the field of mechanics, hydraulics, etc. ................................................................ USD 500 - 1000
  • for technical solutions in the field of electrical engineering and computer technologies ........................ USD 700 - 1500
  • for technical solutions in the field of chemistry, biology, pharmaceutics ................................................... USD 1000 - 3000

Drafting of Patent Application Materials

It is advisable to begin this stage by having the results of an information search, on the basis of which we will formulate a set of essential features of the proposed technical solution - the Claims, that in turn will determine the scope of protected rights.

At the same time, we will analyze the compliance of the proposed technical solution with the requirements for inventions and utility models and will offer the most effective patent strategy.

Next, we will develop a description of the invention that discloses the invention with a completeness sufficient to obtain a patent and possible judicial protection of the patent rights in the future. In addition, at this stage we will prepare the necessary drawings and other graphic materials (if they are not provided by the client).

As a result at this stage, our client receives a complete application materials for an invention or utility model ready for filing.

Specialists of the firm have considerable experience in patenting of various objects, as well as technical competence in electrical engineering, mechanics, optics, computer technologies, chemistry, pharmaceutics and other fields of science and technique. The patents granted on the applications prepared by us, provide the widest possible scope of protected rights.

The cost of drafting of the full package of documents for the patent application on invention or utility model depends on the field and complexity of the technical solution as well as on the volume of needed text. Approximately it is:

  • for technical solutions in the field of mechanics, hydraulics, etc. ................................................................ USD 1000 - 3000
  • for technical solutions in the field of electrical engineering and computer technologies ........................ USD 1500 - 4000
  • for technical solutions in the field of chemistry, biology, pharmaceutics ................................................... USD 2000 - 6000 

Preparation of the drawings and English translation are paid additionally. The first consultation is FREE.

In relation to the patent applications drafted by us, preparation of responses to inquires of the substantive examination (usually, no less then USD 800), is carried out for FREE. 

Alienation of Exclusive Right and Licensing 

Since you have a patent you probably may need to transfer to another person the exclusive right in full (alienation contract) or grant him the right of use within the limits established by the contract (license agreement).

The alienation of the exclusive right under the patent, as well as the granting of the license on use of it is the subject to state registration. We are ready to ensure the state registration in the Russian Patent Office of the transfer of the exclusive right under the patent in full or granting only the right of use of it.



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