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" I express my gratitude to the patent attorney F.L. Koryakov for qualified assistance at the stage of establishing of our business. Elaboration of application documents and obtaining the patent on our solution, use of international patenting procedures, consultations on the matters of granting licenses on the patent and the opportunities for protecting intellectual rights in Russia and abroad - these are all the aspects of our cooperation with F.L. Koryakov. The highest level of solving of these and other issues related to intellectual property gives us strong confidence in negotiations with investors, manufacturers, distributors. "

Head of the startup of computer furniture production (Russia) D.V. Pechenov

" For more than 30 years, Bakor R&D centre has been a leading research and production company specializing in specialty ceramics for the aerospace, nuclear, metallurgical and chemical industries. The company supplies its products to more than 16 countries worldwide. That is why we need high quality protection of our ideas, which can create the conditions for maintaining a portfolio of orders for our innovative products for a long time.

In the person of patent attorney F.L Koryakov we found a reliable partner who can solve this problem. As a key qualities that determine the effectiveness of the patent attorney F.L. Koryakov, I consider his high competence in the matters of patenting, as well as the ability to quickly and deeply understand the technical features of the problem that is being analyzed by him.

Without any doubt I can recommend the patent attorney F.L. Koryakov in respect of providing patent protection for the most complex technical solutions in science-intensive sectors of the economy. "


General Manager of  Bakor R&D centre

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Laureate of State Prizes of the USSR and Russia,

Academician                                                         B.L. Krasny



" Firstly, I want to note the high professionalism of the patent attorney Fedor L. Koryakov. The success of our cooperation largely ensured by the fact that patent attorney in the details sorted out our technology, and in the technical issues we speak on the same language. The whole process of patenting of our inventions was very convenient for us, patent attorney is developing all the documents of patent applications, our hand may need only to clarify the wording with regard to electrical terms.

Secondly, for me is very valuable high quality of our business communication - all work is done accurately, fully and strictly on time.

During our collaboration were filed several patent applications in Russian Patent Office, some of those have been granted with patents already, either international applications under the PCT system. We work together for several years, and I can say that I rely with confidence on patent agent F. Koryakov in protecting of our most precious asset - the results of intellectual work of our co-workers - in Russia as well as in Europe and in other regions of the world which we are interested. "


CEO of Talas Electric Oy (Finland)                 Ville Halonen


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" Great job! Patent attorney found a number of similar solutions unknown to us, revealed the real novelty of our product, prepared and filed patent application as much as possible overlapping possibilities of our competitors for the use of the configuration proposed by us. Everything was done in good faith, punctual and professional. I recommend! "


CEO of IT-Wave LLC (Russia)                        Dmitriy Andruschenko


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IP Law Firm "Patent Capital" specializes in providing patent protection of intellectual property in the Russian Federation and worldwide, conducting of patent researches and patent expertise.

  • The patents granted on the applications prepared by us, provide the widest possible scope of protected rights. Our goal is to create for you a really valuable asset, not its appearance
  • Specialists of the firm have considerable experience in patenting of various objects, as well as technical competence in electrical engineering, mechanics, optics, computer technologies, chemistry, pharmaceutics and other fields of science and technique. We know how to effectively patent a technology, device or substance, for example, a medicine
  • We carry out the development of all documents of patent applications, including claims, descriptions and drawings, the customer can provide only an arbitrary presentation of the idea of the invention and in the future participate in the correction of the prepared materials
  • The prices for patent services are stipulated in advance and in the future do not change depending on the possible increase of the complexity of the work. Generally we do not apply hourly fees except of litigation cases, etc.
Patent Attorney of Russian Federation F. Koryakov
Patent Attorney of Russian Federation F. Koryakov


Head of the IP Law Firm "PATENT CAPITAL" 

Fedor L. Koryakov  

Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation for Patents and Trademarks, reg. No. 1812

Education: Moscow State Technical University n.a. Bauman, engineer

Experience of expert work on inventions in Federal Institute of Industrial Property

Large practice of patent work with enterprises operating in the fields: nuclear and thermal power generation, electrical cables and equipment, aircraft instrumentation, laser microscopy, precision machine tools, equipment for the mining industry, etc.



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